For you and me

A pair of pink hands curled into a whimsical pose.

There’s a blue sea out there for you and me.

There are cold crashing waves and warm soothing shores,

Out there for you and me.

The cry of morning seagulls, and the howling of the bittersweet wind,

Comes the calm after the storm,

For you and me.

There will be many more seas and many more waves,

Many more moments just waiting and just hesitating,

So won’t you give me an excuse,

For you and me?


A yellow person is facing you with both hands holding the sides of their neck. They are wearing pink top with green nails.

I think I’m drowning in the green of your eyes.

Can’t help but drown in your voice,

Vibrating against my ribcage.

Sinking into your cold, cold skin.

I think I’m suffocating,

With the taste of your poisonous lips.

Holding mine, the tracing of your fingertips,

Makes me sink further and further,

Beneath the green, envying foam.

I think I must be drowning,

Drowning in you.

My lungs are so filled,

That I can’t help but want you to drown too.