Just like this

Blue person with blonde hair, tied in green silk, is wearing a pink jumper. There is a black hole in the middle of their chest.

I’ll never understand, why you treated me so kindly.

Someone like me, why you held me so tenderly.

When I had only hurt you, I could never understand

Even till the end, why you were still so gentle.

So for the past year I’ve been breaking like this,

I’ve been dreaming, wishing and hoping like this.

And now I realise, you finally have me completely,

Just like this.

White like snow

White person with their back facing you, hands reaching behind to hold their long, blue hair.

I can see her back facing mine,

White like snow, translucent under the moon

The curve of her shaking shoulders

As she sobs into the night.

The break of her voice before it quietens,

The eventual silence before the break of dawn

Silently she’ll stand naked in the dawn of light,

With her back, still facing mine.