Yellow person is leaning their chin on their both of their hands. They have short, green hair and is wearing a pink top.

You ask why the sun rises every morning,

And why rain falls after a long day.

You ask why the leaves have to fall in autumn,

And the flowers bloom in spring.

I’ll tell you, it is to remind us of the passage of time.

Then one day I’ll ask,

That even so,

Even with the fragility and impermanence of life,

Why do human feelings,

Have to be so fleeting?

For you and me

A pair of pink hands curled into a whimsical pose.

There’s a blue sea out there for you and me.

There are cold crashing waves and warm soothing shores,

Out there for you and me.

The cry of morning seagulls, and the howling of the bittersweet wind,

Comes the calm after the storm,

For you and me.

There will be many more seas and many more waves,

Many more moments just waiting and just hesitating,

So won’t you give me an excuse,

For you and me.

The human face

A blue face showing with one hand held against the chin. Their nails are painted neon pink, green and yellow.

There is something about the human face.

Something about microexpressions and small cues,

Of sharp changes and subtle remarks.

There is something so gravitating –

How easily a face changes,

Slow curves and dips formed over time.

There is something that I cannot describe –

Where eyes follow and stare,

And remains captivating even after all this time.

Summer rain

A yellow hand grabs onto the palms of the other yellow hand, as their fingers curls. Their nails are painted neon green.

And the summer rain that falls,

Falls softly on your face.

And it falls, falls and falls

Onto your fingertips,

And onto your heels.

The shadow that hides the tiredness in your eyes,

The weakness in your smile,

And yet I feel to feel that there is nothing more beautiful,

Than basking in the curves of your lips,

A hand holding you, precious, sinking into your hips.