White like snow

White person with their back facing you, hands reaching behind to hold their long, blue hair.

I can see her back facing mine,

White like snow, translucent under the moon

The curve of her shaking shoulders

As she sobs into the night.

The break of her voice before it quietens,

The eventual silence before the break of dawn

Silently she’ll stand naked in the dawn of light,

With her back, still facing mine.

Borrowing light

Blue hands leaning towards the right, curve together to form a circle. In that circle is a spark of light.

It’s been a while since I’ve last written

The hopes and dream scattering in my palms.

The elusive future, as I sit in front of the windows

The city lights and the city stars

The tiny people in the far distance.

The body of water shimmering in darkness,

And the warmth of your hands on mine.

It’s not as if it has disappeared.

I am always in the darkness,

And from time to time,

Borrowing light.