A green hand is holding onto the wrist of another green hand, as if to stop them from leaving. Their nails are painted neon yellow.

I never said it out loud.

That if I could,

I would bear it all for you.

In this lifetime or the hereafter,

I would give up everything for you.

Because we’ve been tied by blood,

Or do they call it fate?

But there’s something sickening about you,

That I can’t help but hate.

The sickness that lives in me too,

Was that also written in fate?


A pair of yellow arms crosses over one another as the hands hang limp on their wrist. Their nails are painted neon pink.

I’ve watched you over the years,

With the choices you would come to make.

And then the people around,

Who would only take.

Perhaps in some ways, you might have even had to break.

But break, my dear, break but don’t forget,

You haven’t seen the best of it yet.

And they will eventually, have to pay their debts.

Just like this

Blue person with blonde hair, tied in green silk, is wearing a pink jumper. There is a black hole in the middle of their chest.

I’ll never understand, why you treated me so kindly.

Someone like me, why you held me so tenderly.

When I had only hurt you, I could never understand

Even till the end, why you were still so gentle.

So for the past year I’ve been breaking like this,

I’ve been dreaming, wishing and hoping like this.

And now I realise, you finally have me completely,

Just like this.