A green hand is holding onto the wrist of another green hand, as if to stop them from leaving. Their nails are painted neon yellow.

I never said it out loud.

That if I could,

I would bear it all for you.

In this lifetime or the hereafter,

I would give up everything for you.

Because we’ve been tied by blood,

Or do they call it fate?

But there’s something sickening about you,

That I can’t help but hate.

The sickness that lives in me too,

Was that also written in fate?


Pink person with long, neon yellow hair has both hands resting on their head. They are wearing a blue cardigan with pink buttons over a green turtleneck.

Sometimes I wish my mind could quieten

The sounds and thoughts that I can’t escape.

Or that I couldn’t feel,

As much as I truly felt.

There’s no reward for an emotional display,

Or so I’ve been told.

But if the only reason you dislike it,

Is because it makes you uncomfortable

Then I hope you feel even more,

And more, and more, and more,


Second chances

Blue hand is pulling apart the black curtains to reveal pink in the sky.

I watched the sun rise this morning,

As the rays pierced through the curtains.

The birds are singing,

But I can’t bear to look at it.

Because inside, I’m too dark

For something so full of light.

So later when I saw the pink against my wall,

And realised the sun was setting,

It’s as though I was being reminded

That even darkness deserves light,

And we deserve second chances.