A pair of yellow arms crosses over one another as the hands hang limp on their wrist. Their nails are painted neon pink.

I’ve watched you over the years,

With the choices you would come to make.

And then the people around,

Who would only take.

Perhaps in some ways, you might have even had to break.

But break, my dear, break but don’t forget,

You haven’t seen the best of it yet.

And they will eventually, have to pay their debts.


Blue person is holding a pink and yellow polaroid.

I went through old photos

And the friends and love that I have gained,

And then lost.

I used to hide these,

Because they reminded me of what I no longer have.

But suddenly I had an urge to hang them on the wall,

Because I don’t think I’ve ever really lost,

When they carry so much love

And the light that I can only feel,

From looking back at this moment.

So that I can finally heal.