I’m no different on the inside.

I’ve just been shedding my outer skin,

And the hypocrisy and contradictory

Love, that used to lie within.

I love that look on your face,

Because you can’t stand that I now have boundaries in place.

And so you can’t push me around,

As you used to so easily now.

How does it feel to get a taste of your own medicine now?


Blue person is holding a pink and yellow polaroid.

I went through old photos

And the friends and love that I have gained,

And then lost.

I used to hide these,

Because they reminded me of what I no longer have.

But suddenly I had an urge to hang them on the wall,

Because I don’t think I’ve ever really lost,

When they carry so much love

And the light that I can only feel,

From looking back at this moment.

So that I can finally heal.