I’m no different on the inside.

I’ve just been shedding my outer skin,

And the hypocrisy and contradictory

Love, that used to lie within.

I love that look on your face,

Because you can’t stand that I now have boundaries in place.

And so you can’t push me around,

As you used to so easily now.

How does it feel to get a taste of your own medicine now?


A green hand is holding onto the wrist of another green hand, as if to stop them from leaving. Their nails are painted neon yellow.

I never said it out loud.

That if I could,

I would bear it all for you.

In this lifetime or the hereafter,

I would give up everything for you.

Because we’ve been tied by blood,

Or do they call it fate?

But there’s something sickening about you,

That I can’t help but hate.

The sickness that lives in me too,

Was that also written in fate?