I write a little – some words are home, and some words are far away. The site was started in 2016 as a brain dump (not too far from what it is now!) and then I took a long break and then another long break. Sometimes life takes you instead of you taking it and well, coming back reminds me of how much I missed writing.

I’ve never been great at writing pen to paper. There’s permanence in the ink that once written, is hard to erase. I can’t always commit to the written words so despite my love for stationery, namely notebooks, they’ve always gathered dust in the drawers. Writing online is much easier in that sense. I can edit again and again and again until I’m pleased with the result. I’m a bit of a perfectionist!

Some of the poems are written from my experiences, but others are inspired by fictional characters and the feelings or thoughts that they evoke in the moment that they exist. The wonderful thing about it is, even now when I scroll back to a poem at random, the words easily take me on a trip down memory lane. Suddenly, I remember how I felt at that specific point in time and why I wrote those words. 

Anything can be meaningful or meaningless depending on the meaning you attach to it. I’d like to think, despite the physical distances that we have, the words or feelings that we share all intertwine at some point or another. And so in searching for a community, I found a little spot here where I’ve decided to camp. How long will I be here for? I’m not sure. I guess as long as it’s still fun ☺️