//a weekly series of short proses written in different perspectives//

Have you ever started to laugh just before noticing your reflection

Looking right back at you, startling you in deception?

And in that moment does it feel like someone else is wearing your face

Wearing your smile, your skin and your place as you become replaced?

Staring, it smiles just as you have done

But in seconds, it’s as if it has already gone.

How curious that the sound it makes is like but unlike you at the same time.

It even moves before you move, a perfect crime

So much that it becomes a life of its own, a living creature, a mime.

A supporting actor that is better than the lead

You suddenly become repulsed, thrashing until you bleed.

But you can’t hold onto anything, you can’t feel anything you plead

And in that same voice, so similar to what was once yours

It smiles at you in question

Wasn’t it you that wanted to become the reflection?

So who was it, that began all of this deception?

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