Blue hand holding onto pink hand's fingertips tenderly.

With you

There are dreams that I cannot recall,

Trapped here, wedged deep in my mind.

There are faces that I cannot recall,

Tempting and skirting, yet untouchable.

There are voices and words and stories that I cannot recall.

There are past versions of me and hurt and anger and disappointment,

All that I cannot remember.

But there are also dreams of hope,

Peace in your presence and serenity and love.

There are days where it all feels right,

And I belong.

And I think, I dare say

That the things in life that matter the most,

Comes painfully instinctively.

And there will come dreams and moments I will no longer remember,

Old age and weakness comes easy.

There will come faces and names that are there but not really there

There may even come a day where memories of you disappear

But I will remember how right it is.

How easy it is, how comforting it is,

To be with you.

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